Rent office space Brussels Etterbeek, Priester Cuypersstraat / Rue Abbé Cuypers 3

  • Desk
  • Internet
  • Coffee/tea
  • Printer
  • Meeting space
  • Cabinet
  • Postal address
  • Kitchen
  • Parking
  • Bus stop Merode 3 mins walk (0.2 km)
  • Subway station Merode 2 mins walk (0.2 km)
  • Railway station Merode 1 min walk (18 m)
  • Subway station Merode 1 min walk (15 m)
  • Park 6 mins walk (0.5 km)
  • Gym 3 mins walk (0.2 km)
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This is currently available at Priester Cuypersstraat / Rue Abbé Cuypers 3 in Brussels Etterbeek

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Rent office space at the Priester Cuyperstraat / Rue Abbé Cuypers in Brussels (Etterbeek)

Do you want to rent office space just outside the busy European District at the Priester Cuypersstraat / Rue Abbé Cuypers in Brussels? This office location is just right for you. You still have a great locatie in the Belgian capital, you will rent close to the European Commission and just outside the busy European District.


At this beautiful location in Brussels you can now rent a spot in the co-working or an office space for you and your company. In the co-working you can work for five days per month and a price of €125,- per month. If you prefer a full time membership and a fixed desk in the co-working, this is possible for €250,- per month. You will have 24/7 access to your desk. If you need more space, a closable room or both you can rent an office space in this office building. These are available from two persons and a price of €750,- per month. This largest available office has room for four people and costs onlt €1800,- per month.

Meet outside and be supported in terms of legal advice

Rent your office space at the Priester Cuypersstraat / Rue Abbé Cuypers in Brussels and make use of everything this office building has to offer. You can make use of the garden, yes there is a garden in the middle of the city. It is possible to not only lunch or relax but meet here too. Pretty much everything is up for discussion! When you rent an office here, you will have the option of being support in terms of accounting and secretary tasks. This can always come in handy and you will be able to focus on your core business. For a complete list of all the facilities you may always contact our real estate agents, while they are at it you can also ask them other questions you might have.

Location and reachability

Your office space has good reachability when you travel by both car or public transport. The bus, tram and subway all have great connections and stops in the neighborhood. You are situated on a 15 minute distance from both downtown Brussels and Brussels Airport. This means you can welcome your international guests at the airport and they can stay in a hotel overnight. Are you able to visualize this? Your headquarters on this location?

Will you soon be renting office space at the Priester Cuypersstraat / Rue Abbé Cuypers?

If you want your company to settle at the Priester Cuypersstraat / Rue Abbé Cuypers in Brussels, you may always contact us. This is free and without any obligations. We can also schedule a free tour for you. The only thing we ask is that you tell us how the coffee tasted!


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With Officeplanner you can rent, lease or buy a flexible interior design package based on your preferences and requirements for the interior of your office space. Your order will be delivered at your desired location within 1 week.

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