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Many operators and investors preceded you in renting out office space

By choosing Officelisting, you are able to focus on your core business

  • Free placement on SKEPP, provided with photography and a findable web text
  • No cure no pay! You only pay when your office space gets rented
  • By linking to their SLA, tenants can book workplaces/units
  • Do you want to rent out your office building faster? Choose Officeplanner
Lauren Brunnikhuis Lauren Brunnikhuis Projectmanager LinkedIn

These operators and investors successfully lease office space with SKEPP

And do so on the basis of “no cure, no pay”

Very nice, especially the communication. Mindspace's experience is that SKEPP is a good mediator who comes up with creative solutions and as such ensures that an agreement is reached.


In my opinion SKEPP is one of the few great companies in this market. Where many online brokers make an attempt, there are only a few who are really succeeding and who come up with leads that you can really benefit from. Superb.

Freek Oversloot, Workspot

Pleasant cooperation. Very fast and convenient way to come in contact with potential clients.

Daaro Rotterdam

Super staff that we can work with very well.

Jerrel, Tribes

Always very pleasant contact, thorough knowledge of the market, very venturous and actively follow through.

Eva van der Loop, Offices For You

Great. SKEPP is capable, attentive, quick and friendly. I have a good relationship with all the brokers.

Lex van Ingen, Merin

Deliver very good and pure leads and keep on top of the business. Very pleased and through SKEPP have rented out many spaces.

Floris van Kuijeren, M2Move

Pleasant and involved people that always go the extra mile.


So far we have been pleased with all the help and assistance by SKEPP. Everyone is very friendly and service driven! Good that you really research these things as a company.

TSH Collab (The Student Hotel)

Our experience with SKEPP is that they send us good leads for our buildings. The leads are a great match and a viewing often shows that the incoming lead is a valuable one. For this reason, Merin gladly receives the leads provided by SKEPP.

Daan van der Veen, Merin

Always easy to reach, a hands-on approach, always help where they can, extensive knowledge of the (real estate) market and as such a very pleasant contact!

Offices For You

Free placement, photography and marketing when registered at SKEPP

Your office building(s) are optimally brought ot the attention of prospects

After your office building is registered, we will provide an interesting web text that is easy to find in search engines such as Google. In addition, our photographer comes by to photograph the office building, so that we can place high-quality pictures on our platform. Besides, we start with successful marketing campaigns to bring the property to the attention of the right target group(s). All these services are at the expense of SKEPP!

Implement Officeplanner on your website and receive a kickback fee in case of success

Place a widget, speed up the rental and receive a fee when purchasing Officeplanner furniture

In addition to being able to access our design tool from, you can also implement it as a widget on your own website. The advantage is that you have all your office buildings and office spaces in one overview. You can, for example, easily switch places during tours with prospects or furnish the office spaces with Officeplanner furniture and the prospect immediately sees whether the room(s) meet the wishes and requirements. In addition, you can sign a kickback agreement with us, so that you can receive a kickback fee if a tenant purchases Officeplanner from us. We call it a win-win situation!

Accelerate the rental of your office building with Officeplanner

Let your prospects design the office space themselves with Officeplanner



With our online tool, prospects can virtually design the office space themselves, to immediately gain insight into the possibilities. This speeds up the rentability of your office space.


Frequently asked questions about Officelisting

Take a look whether you can find an answer to your question(s)

  • Officelisting
    • As an operator or investor, I want to place my office building(s) on the SKEPP site. How does that work?
      • First of all, amazing that you have chosen us! After all, as SKEPP, we have many years of experience as an online broker. We have the possibility to promote your office building(s) in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France and Poland. In the past year, we have helped more than 3000 companies in their search for office space. With SKEPP, we specialize in the online rental of office spaces through various search engines, online advertising, but also through social media and mailings. Just sign our Officelisting agreement and send us the required information about your building(s). You only have to pay us when we have found a tenant for you! Get more information via

    • Am I, as an operator or investor, tied to SKEPP for a longer period of time?
      • We understand that you want flexibility. This means that, unlike traditional brokers, we do not request exclusivity. In our opinion, it is really strange to ask for your commitment without having achieved any success. As soon as the Officelisting agreement has been signed, we will start to find a tenant on the basis of “no cure, no pay”. The only thing we ask for is a minimum collaboration of 12 months.

    • How do I place my office building(s) on the SKEPP site?
      • Very simple, we do it for you! You only have to provide us with information about your property(s), such as rental prices, meters or workplaces and facilities. Our copywriters start immediately to write an attractive and easy-to-find web text. Moreover, they add the current range. The SKEPP photographer will contact you to make an appointment to shoot footage of your building(s). Do you already present your property(s) in Virtual Reality? At SKEPP, we are at the forefront of VR technology in the real estate market. Are you already convinced? Register quickly via

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