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Aartselaar, Kontichsesteenweg 54

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Rent office space at the Kontichsesteenweg in Aartselaar

Do you want to rent office space at the Kontichsesteenweg in Aartselaar? There is 1 large office space available at a view location. Wheter you want to bring you own furniture or if you desire to rent a fully furnished office, it can be aranged on this location. This office building is ideal when you want to rent outside the busy city of Antwerp but if you want to get in the city quickly!


The availability on this location is constant, the offices are very popular and it is nearly always full. A big office space of 520 m2 just became available and this is your chance to rent it! The price for this room is €100,- per m2 per year and that comes down to monthly costs of around €4333,-. Do you want to move into this office because you need the space to grow or just simply because 520 m2 is big enough to house every colleague? Contact our real estate agents and ask them for help.

24/7 accessibility, shared reception and airconditioning

Renting an office space at the Kontichsesteenweg in Aartselaar is now possible in this office building. The building is split up in multiple office spaces and there are working other companies right now. You will settle your company within a community that can possible lead to collaborations. As a tenant, you will be granted 24/7 accessibility so you can decide when you start and when you close the door. Isn't it important that your guests are welcomed with a smile? Right, it an essential that people have a good first impression. To provide this, there is a shared reception present that neatly welcomes everyone. If you want to work as effective as possible then you should make sure the temprature is always right. During winter you want to fire up the heating and during the warm summer you want to feel the cold air. This is why there is an airconditioning that makes sure you keep your head cool.

Location and reachability

As said before, this location is perfect if you don't want to rent in the busy streets of Antwerp but if oyu still want to travel to the city. The A12 en E19 are very close to the building and they lead you onto the E34. Passersby can easily see the office bulding since it is situated alongside the Kontichsesteenweg. If you take the car to work you can park it on the parking space at the building. The bus stops only 5 minutes away from the building and this makes it possible to travel bij public transport if you prefer taking the bus. Aartselaar offers some shops where you can buy whatever you need and restaurants like Wok Dynasty and Baboulette to fill your stomach when you had a busy day.

Will you be renting office space at the Kontichsesteenweg soon?

Curious about the rentable office space at the Kontichsesteenweg in Aartselaar? That curiousity is something we can imagine at SKEPP! Just contact our real estate agents for a chat without any obligations and they will answer all your questions. We will also schedule a tour on a time that suits you best.  

Rent office space in Artselaar, Kontichsesteenweg 54 Kontichsesteenweg 54 Aartselaar Toplocation!

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