Rent office space Antwerp Wilrijk, Boomsesteenweg 690

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  • Internet
  • Coffee/tea
  • Printer
  • Meeting space
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  • Bus stop Wilrijk Oudebaan 2 mins walk (0.1 km)
  • Railway station Hoboken-Polder 1 hour 1 min walk (5.0 km)
Rent at this location?

This is currently available at Boomsesteenweg 690 in Antwerp Wilrijk

Available (flex)desks
  • (Flex)desk

    Space description: 1 day a week available
    Rental price: €120 /mo.
    Request rental information, without any obligations
Available office rooms
  • Office room

    Space description: 25 m2
    Rental price: €1,012 €860 /mo.
    Request rental information, without any obligations
  • Office room

    Space description: 30 m2
    Rental price: €1,082 €920 /mo.
    Request rental information, without any obligations
  • Office room

    Space description: 32 m2
    Rental price: €882 €750 /mo.
    Request rental information, without any obligations
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About this office

Rent office space at the Boomsesteenweg in Antwerp (Wilrijk)

This distinctive business center at the Boomsesteenweg in Antwerp only has a few office space left to rent out. The offices are highly wanted because this business center is praised by all its tenants. Why is it being praised so much? You are about to read it on this page!


The office spaces rent out very fast, but we have the last available offices to rent out. The available offices are sized 25 m2, 30 m2 and 32 m2. Their costs are respectively €860,-  €920,- and €750,- per month. Whenever you apply for one of these offices there will be held a selection to filter out the best tenant. The reason for this selection is to create a pleasant working climate and to make sure the tenants match. This is the best recipe to create collaborations and possibly even partnerships. It is not a coincidence that most of the renting companies are renting here for years or even decades! You need to be a part of this, right?

You are not just renting an office space but a complete experience!

Renting an office space at the Boomsesteenweg in Antwerp doesn't only aim to be your new business location. The aim is to alleviate you completely, so you can focus on your business! We place our complete trust in this service, because we don't force you to sign a multi-year contract. If you are dissatisfied with the service, you may dissolve the contract on that same day. This has to be a great reason to put your trust in one of the last offices and apply for one of them, right?

Location and accessibility

You will be renting an office space south of Antwerp and north of Brussels. This will grant you great accessibility and you will be able to travel through Belgium very easily. The highways E19 and E34 are easy to reach by car. You can take the bus in front of the office building is you prefer public transportation. This connection will also take you to Antwerp Central Station. The surroundings of the building are filled with chain stores likes Ikea and the Saturn.

Are you renting an office space at the Boomsesteenweg soon?

This unique business center is found at the Boomsesteenweg in Antwerp and the provided services will help you to the maximum potential of your company. Do you want a shot at earning your office here? Contact our real estate agents and we will schedule a free tour for you. We hope to see you soon!


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