Rent office space Arnhem Centrum, Vossenstraat 6

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  • Bus stop Arnhem, Rozet 1 min walk (70 m)
  • Railway station Arnhem Centraal 8 mins walk (0.6 km)
  • Park 1 min walk (75 m)
  • Gym 2 mins walk (0.2 km)
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This is currently available at Vossenstraat 6 in Arnhem Centrum

Unfortunately, nothing is currently available in this office building. View other offices on the SKEPP website or contact our real estate agents for free advice

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About this office

Rent office space at the Vossenstraat in Arnhem (City Centre)

Rent your office space in this modern office building at the Vossenstraat in Arnhem, in the middle of the Rozet Centre. This building from the 90's has a professional design on both the outside and the inside. The building grants you access to an elevator, reception desk, several lunch facilities and lots of meeting rooms. A perfect location for service providers and other professionals te rent an office room.


The office building has a total surface of 680 m2 and houses multiple offices. An office room of 36 m2 is for rent for a price of €525,- per month. A bigger one counting 55 m2 will cost you €802,- per month. These prices include service costs of €40,- per m2 per year.

A businesslike office with the needed facilities

When you decide to rent an office space at the Vossenstraat in Arnhem City Centre, you start chasing your ambitions right away.


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Het pasgeleden gerenoveerde kantoorpand ziet er fantastisch uit!

Ook erg fijn dat je op deze locatie gebruik kunt maken van de receptie, zij kunnen je ondersteunen in verschillende werkzaamheden.


Erg gezellig en altijd een warm ontvangst door de receptionisten.

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