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Brussels European District, Breydelstraat / Rue Breydel 34-40

Rent office space at the Breydelstraat / Rue Breydel (European District)

Renting your office space at the Breydelstraat / Rue Breydel in Brussels is a great choice. Business life is vibrant around here and renting an office space at this location is also a great thing status wise. In this office building you will be given the chance to rent the high serviced office spaces you need.


You can assure yourself a spot in the co-working on this location for €250,- per month. For this price you will rent a fixed desk and you will have 24/7 accessibility. If you are looking for a closable office that offers more room, this location is something you should look in to. An office space for one or two people will cost you €1000,- per month or a bigger office for two to four people for €1250,- per month. If you want to know more about the different subscriptions in the co-working space, we advise you to call our real estate agents.

Brussels buildings and access to the garden

This office building, which covers multiple housenumbers, is located in the Breydelstraat / Rue Breydel in Brussels. You can rent your office space in the middle of the vibrant capital of Europe. The landlord can take care of tasks that you don't want to do. Some examples are, legal advice and accounting. As a tenant you will have access to the garden that belongs to this building. Here you can take a walk, eat lunch, work or just relax. It is important that you feel at home here and good coffee will be available for you.

Location and reachability

In the European District you will work in the centre of all the politics and business. It is easy to travel to work by car, just because you can take the highways surrounding Brussels. If your co-workers prefer travelling to work by public transport then that won't be a problem. Busses and trams are stopping nearby and you won't have to worry about finding a parking spot. That has te be a good feature right? The Leopoldpark is close and this is where Google Brussels is situated. We recommend you go and take a look there sometimes, it is a great experience.

Will you soon be renting office space at the Breydelstraat / Rue Breydel?

Just contact us sometimes about this office building at the Breydelstraat / Rue Breydel in Brussels and be surprised by the options. Our real estate agents will help you and they can schedule a free tour. So, we speak you with you soon?

Rent office space in Brussels, Breydelstraat / Rue Breydel Breydelstraat / Rue Breydel 34-40 Brussels European District Toplocation!

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