Rent office space Brussel Europese Wijk, Wetenschapsstraat / Rue de la Science 14B

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This is currently available at Wetenschapsstraat / Rue de la Science 14B in Brussel Europese Wijk

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Unfortunately, nothing is currently available in this office building. View other offices on the SKEPP website or contact our real estate agents for free advice

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About this office

Office for rent at Wetenschapsstraat / Rue de la Science in the European district of Brussels 

Do you want to be able to organize events in the building of your office space? The office building at  Wetenschapsstraat / Rue de la Science in Brussels is the perfect place for you to rent an office. This office building is located in the centre of the European district of Brussels. There is a strong community of more than 100 organisations where you can become a part of! Continue reading and get to know all the advantages of renting an office space in this building.

Rental prices 

In this office building, personal offertes will be made for each company. This means that you are able to make your office space as large or as small as you want to (from 1 to 50 workspaces). Besides, the contract conditions are changeable in terms of duration and flexibility. Another advantages of renting an office space in this building is that you are getting full service and do not have to worry about installation costs or other investments. 

Green building with an air conditioning

In this office building at Wetenschapsstraat / Rue de la Science in Brussels a lot of green can be found. There are lots of plants and in the atrium there is even a wall full of plants, these plants are there to purify the air in the office building. This atrium is the perfect location for your next business event and the catering can be fully taken care of, so you do not have to think about it. All the office spaces in this building have an optimal incidence of light, but for the warm days the office spaces are also provided with an air conditioning. 

Location and accessibility 

Renting an office space in this office building means that you locate your company within a 5 minute walk from the bus station and the metro. Also European authorities can be reached within 5 minutes. If you want to take the car to your office space, you are able to rent a parking place in the parking lot underneath the office building. 

Do you want to rent an office space at Wetenschapsstraat / Rue de la Science in the European district of Brussels? 

Is this office building at de Wetenschapsstraat / Rue de la Science the perfect building for your office space? Get in touch with our real estate consultants and they will help you for free and without any obligations. You can directly plan a viewing by them or get to know more about the office building and the possibilities for your company. Will you be working from Wetenschapsstraat / Rue de la Science in Brussels soon? 


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It's good in the center to arrange our European business.


Gelukkig dat ik toch gebeld heb want er zijn nog kantoren.

De prijs krijg je pas bij een rondleiding te horen omdat die op maat wordt gemaakt.

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