Rent office space Reeuwijk, Leeghwaterstraat 25

  • Desk
  • Internet
  • Coffee/tea
  • Printer
  • Meeting space
  • Cabinet
  • KVK-registration
  • Postal address
  • Kitchen
  • Parking
  • Bus stop Gouda, Noorderwerf 41 mins walk (3.3 km)
  • Railway station Gouda 44 mins walk (3.5 km)
  • Park 3 mins walk (0.2 km)
  • Gym 1 min walk (24 m)

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About this office


In this business complex in Reeuwijk, as an entrepreneur you can undertake without having to take care of anything. In this office building it possible to rent different kinds of work spots and office spaces. From flexible work spots to fixed work spots, small and big offices, meeting rooms and even a coaching room.

About the landlord

The landlords want you to excel as an entrepreneur and because of that it is important for them to think along. Is there something that needs to be delivered from the supermarket? Does your suit need to go to the dry cleaners? It can all be arranged. They are eagerly listening to your plans and ideas and maybe it leads to collaborations or new, beautiful ideas.

Office space

Within this business complex, different work spots are for rent. You may rent a flexible work spot, fixed work spot or an office space up until 300 m2. De perfectly lighted office spaces are also rentable while fully furnished. Al of these possibilities ensure that there is always a work spot that meets your requirements.


Costumers and entrepreneurs are welcomed by a reception. There is an availability of 6 different kinds of meeting rooms en even a room for giving coaching’s. Undertaking is an ongoing business and the digitalizing of your mail can be made possible. This is so you can still receive your mail in digital form when you are not in the office. The office is accessible 24/7. The cozy cafeteria is a place where you can grab a cup of coffee of tea. There is a print and copy service available for you to use when you need it. When you need to make a phone call you can use the internet to make that call or calls can be put through to you.


The landlords are happy to know what you are up to. These ideas and stories are exchanged at meetings and BBQ’s on the terrace at the side of the water, behind the office building. Because of the diversity of entrepreneurs who are situated here, these meetings are fun to attend once in a while. These meetings tend to let collaborations arise and can be a surprisingly good service for your company.


Within close range of the complex a shopping mall is situated, where you can find everything you need. The building is easy to reach by car as well as by public transport. When you park your car in front of the building you are practically driving onto the A12 highway as soon as you leave. Bus stops are within walking distance and from here you can easily travel to, for instance, Gouda.


It is not only the landlord that offers you possibilities but the office building does as well. You can rent storage space if you need any or you can rent a new office space if the growth of your company requires so. Because of the amount of possibilities the diversity of entrepreneurs within this office building is big.

The atmosphere

De offices and work spots have an atmosphere that make you feel like home but also remains professional. It is a modern company in both furnishing and way of thinking. Everyone works hard but the doors are always open.

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