Dutch proptech company SKEPP opens its doors in Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain

  • By SKEPP
  • Tuesday, October 23, 2018

ALBERGEN - The proptech company SKEPP, an online comparison website for office space, will further expand international ambitions in the coming years by expanding abroad. SKEPP now opens its doors in Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain. Managing Director Joost Lansink is very content with this step.

Since 2013, the company has brought thousands of companies into contact with progressive office providers every year. In 2017 it already made the step to neighbouring countries Germany and Belgium, after which the proptech company has also started in Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain. The current expansion follows the rapidly growing flexible office market in these countries. In the United States, this flexible office industry has grown by more than 20% annually since 2010, according to figures from JLL. Currently this market is also growing fast in Europe.

VR TOUR Rental candidates can digitally request a Virtual Reality tour for a initial orientation of new office locations.

Expansion pared by unique user experience through digital tours

Together with the expansion to several European countries, SKEPP also offers all users in these countries a user experience through guided tours in virtual reality. Rent candidates can digitally request a tour of an office building, after which the candidate receives VR glasses. A real estate consultant from SKEPP guides the hire candidate through the building remotely. Companies no longer have to spend days looking for a first orientation of new office locations, but quickly view several buildings per hour. An additional advantage is that this can also be done in the evenings, while most offices have already been closed for a long time. “This VR solution is part of the aim to get the content to the highest possible level, including high-quality photos, progressive videos, current availability and well-organized maps”, Lansink adds.


In this video Tommy, Multimedia Producer at SKEPP explains how a Virtual Tour works.

Customized digital interior design by personal designer

The rental candidate immediately receives a rental offer in the mailbox after the tour. A personal designer from SKEPP then creates a digital interior design for the office space that the potential candidate has in mind. Subsequently, the candidate can also immediately purchase the interior and its interior design at SKEPP. This is part of custom made installation package, whereby you pay for the use. You rent on a monthly basis instead of purchasing furniture yourself. It features flexibility because the furnishing can be altered within a week, for example by adding additional work places.

Open vacancies to shape expansion to different countries

The proptech company is still looking for Acquisition Managers to take care of the start-up in the various countries. View the vacancies of SKEPP here: https://skepp.com/en/blog/come-work-at-skepp

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