This is how you decide whether coworking fits your company

  • By Leonie Schabbink
  • Friday, November 15, 2019

The 5 biggest advantages of coworking space 

At a coworking space, you share your workplace with other entrepreneurs. Some will embrace this idea, while others will prefer a private office space. Before you can decide on choosing a coworking space, it is important that you weigh the pros and cons against each other. In this blog, we will provide you with a list of all the different advantages of a coworking space. In addition, a checklist will be given to help you with your search for the perfect coworking spot. 

1. Free feedback and potential collaborations 

As a freelancer or self-employed, most of the time you will work alone. This definitely has its advantages, but you will undoubtedly miss the occasional input or opinion of a colleague. At a coworking space, you have the possibility to discuss with like-minded. You are surrounded by other entrepreneurs out of multiple sectors.

These entrepreneurs all have the same passion and ambition for entrepreneurship. There is always someone who can answer your questions or who can inspire you when you need it. Next to this, it is very common that entrepreneurs see potential in doing a collaboration with another entrepreneur who can help his company to a higher level. 

coworking space Amsterdam Barbara Strozz iets 3Build a large network while working in a coworking space.

2. Cost saving 

As a starter, it is most of the time difficult to directly rent office space, let alone to buy office space. Though, you can already have reached a certain level that asks for the ability of a private office in which you can, for example, receive your clients or have meetings. A coworking space is the perfect affordable alternative that still has the benefits of private office space.

3. Flexibility

Having your own office space is fine, but you have to sit in the same space day in day out. This is not the ideal situation for all entrepreneurs. If you need more freedom for your workplace, a coworking space is a perfect idea. A coworking space also gives you the flexibility of switching cities if the situation, demands or needs of your company changes. 

4. Increased productivity

If you are used to working from home, a coworking space can increase your productivity. At home, you are more likely to get distracted by other things. Besides, you will take a break faster or finish a household task while you should be working. The line between your work and private life is also smaller. 

"The spirit of coworking allows you to find coworkers who are worth working with.” - Cynthia Chiam

A coworking space makes sure that you are surrounded by other people who are constantly focussed. You will not be distracted that easily anymore and you can start working from the moment you enter your office and finish when you leave. This makes it easier to let go of your work when you are at home.

5. Educational 

A coworking space is a place to be when you want to keep learning. It is a workplace with lots of expertise in different domains. Take your chance to ask for help from more experienced entrepreneurs and to gain more knowledge. In this way, you are able to improve the growth of your company and you will build a great and wide network.

Are you looking for a coworking space? Here is a checklist!

If you decide to go for a coworking space, you have to find the perfect workplace that fits your demands and wishes, but definitely also your budget. To make this search a bit easier, we provide you with a checklist that you can use before you make your final decision on a coworking space. 

Find a coworking space that suits you 

Do you prefer a professional and business look? Then go for a coworking space that looks like the traditional office spaces. Are you open-minded? There are lots of trendy places that (mainly) focus on coworking spaces and therefore have a great vibe, like in a coffee bar or workspaces that feel like a living room. Really think about the look that you will give your company! 

Coworking space at Berkenlaan 8 in Machelen Find your perfect coworking space via SKEPP


Make sure that you and your clients are able to easily reach your office space. A coworking space offers a lot of flexibility, but make sure to keep the reachability in mind. For example, if you are doing business with a lot of Millennials or Gen Z, it is important that your office is easily reachable with public transport. Also, the availability of parking spaces is a considerable point before taking your decision on a coworking space. 


Every coworking space has its own rates and possibilities: unlimited monthly subscriptions, weekly and monthly rates, daily and hourly prices, etc. Think about which one of these options suits you and your business best and make sure to make a decision that your budget allows you.

Are you ready to search for a coworking space? 

By now, you have a clear overview of all the advantages that a coworking space has to offer you and a checklist to find the perfect coworking space that suits you. SKEPP has a lot of diverse coworking spaces to offer you, so there is undoubtedly an office space that fully meets your (company’s) needs.  

Are you still in doubt whether a coworking space fits you? Or do you need help in your search for the perfect workplace? The real estate agents of SKEPP accompany you in your decision. Their advice is free of charge and without any obligations. So, do not hesitate and get in contact with SKEPP to find the perfect coworking space for your company! 

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