Which office decisions should entrepreneurs make?

  • By Leonie Schabbink
  • Monday, July 20, 2020

Are your employees complaining about a shortage of workspaces, meeting rooms, or parking places? Then it may be time to look for a new office building. To facilitate the growth of your company in the best way possible, it is important that you make an informed decision. What do entrepreneurs forget when choosing a new office? We have made an overview of the most important aspects you should take into consideration when making certain office decisions.

What do entrepreneurs forget when choosing a new office? Read 9 important office decisions in this blog!  

→ Office decision: maximum budget

This is where the search for an office space actually begins. Before you start looking for office space, it is important to determine your maximum budget. If you forget to do so, there is a chance that your dream property is far above your budget. In addition, when searching for office space, you can easily filter based on price so that you will only see the options that fit your budget. All the decisions mentioned below for your new office space will have an influence on your budget, keep this in mind with every choice you make!

Laan van Vredenoord 33 4312Which facilities should be present in your office?

→ Office decision: help of a real estate expert 

You can save a lot of money if you have the right information and expertise. Therefore, you should delve into the possibilities and various facilities of office space. Are you going for office space in a business center, an upholstered office space, or a bare floor space? You can also choose to consult a real estate expert. Discuss your wishes and requirements, and they will find the perfect office space. Ideal right? 

→ Office decision: the location

When looking for new office space, determining the location is one of the most crucial choices that entrepreneurs need to make. To determine the perfect location, consideration must be given to the accessibility of the building. Will you choose a location that is right next to the highway? Or do your employees travel to work by public transport?

Determining the locations is one of the most crucial choices that entrepreneurs can make.

You will definitely have certain requirements concerning the location of the office space. Of course, you have to prioritize your wishes and needs. Besides, an office space just outside your desired office location could perfectly match all of your other requirements. Therefore, it may be wise to expand your search area every now and then, to include a wider range of options.

Laan van Vredenoord 33 4280When renting office space, you can take advantage of additional services. 

→ Office decision: rent or purchase?

Have you ever made the trade-off between buying or renting office space? It is often thought that the rental costs of office space are higher than the purchase costs. After all, buying office space is often seen as an investment. However, renting office space also has many advantages. Renting office space gives a lot of flexibility and you often benefit from many extra services. You can already conclude a rental agreement for 1 year and even with an advantageous rental price. This allows you to rent the number of square meters that you actually need. 

→ Office decision: expansion options

When looking for a new office location, it is important to look at the growth opportunities within the office building. What if the new office space quickly becomes too small? What possibilities are there to expand? Or what happens if you want to scale down? It is smart to look at this in advance. Growing your company will be a lot easier when you have a flexible office space.  

Marten Meesweg 25 G Rotterdam 22 1Will your company grow significantly in the coming years? Then think about the possibility to expand! 

→ Office decision: energy-efficient office building 

Save money with an energy-efficient office space! An important aspect is the energy label of office space. From 2023 onwards, all office buildings must be provided with a minimum energy label of C. It will, thus, be wise to look for an energy-efficient office building during your search for a new office space. 

→ Office decision: how are you going to provide enough light?

Light is extremely important to function properly, but light also affects our health. A shortage of daylight in the office space can cause a disrupted biorhythm and poorer productivity of employees. Thus, you should look for an office space where you can create workspaces by the window or have plenty of natural light coming in. This will not only have a positive effect on your employees but also on you as an employer! 

Become the ultimate owner of the office furniture with rent-purchase. 

→ Office decision: rent, rent-purchase or purchase office furniture? 

Once you have found the perfect office space, you need office furniture. When choosing office furniture, do you rent, rent-purchase, or purchase it? An important decision if you ask us. Buying furniture is a large investment for your company. To avoid this, you could choose for a temporary option, namely renting. Obtaining office furniture through rent-purchase is also an interesting option. In this case, you do not have to make a (large) investment in advance, but eventually, you will become the owner of the office furniture. What option will you choose? 

Officeplanner kit Brouwerijstraat 1 19 1In the Officeplanner webshop, you have the choice to rent, rent-purchase or purchase office furniture. Have a look! 

→ Office decision: outsourcing furnishing 

In addition to outsourcing the search for your office space, you can also choose to outsource the search for office furnishings. Determining the exact layout of a large office space can be quite a job. How do you ensure the most efficient design possible? You can choose not to take care of the office furnishings yourself. A personal designer can offer a solution! 

In addition to the search for office space, furnishing an office space can be quite a task.

Office decision: ask help from SKEPP

In this blog, we have listed a number of office decisions that you can encounter when looking for office space or office furniture. The last office decision you could make is enlisting the support of SKEPP in your search for office space or/and office furniture. Are you, as an entrepreneur, still facing office decisions? We are happy to help you make the best office decisions!

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