Rent office space Mechelen Noord, Generaal de Wittelaan 11a

  • Desk
  • Internet
  • Coffee/tea
  • Printer
  • Meeting space
  • Cabinet
  • Postal address
  • Kitchen
  • Parking
  • Bus stop Mechelen Generaal De Wittelaan 1 min walk (0.1 km)
  • Railway station Station Sint - Katelijne - Waver 53 mins walk (4.3 km)

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About this office

Rent office space on Generaal de Wittelaan (North)

There are still some large office spaces free on this location on Generaal de Wittelaan in Mechelen. You can rent a high-quality office in this office building on the business campus of Mechelen. You are also immediately a part of the community created by the landlord.


Renting an office at this location is possible at this time against a keen price per square meter. You can rent an office of 1,200 m2 or 1,900 m2 at a price of € 95 per m2 per year. You have the entire floor to yourself here, and can therefore design it entirely according to your own taste. Do you want to know more about these offices or the most current prices? Then prent contact our real estate consultants.

High-quality office space, large community and 24/7 accessible

These high-quality office spaces are available for rent on Generaal de Wittelaan in Mechelen. You enjoy a nice office which you can design according to your own taste. The manager will be present and will support you if this is possible. There are multiple businesses based on this campus and they all rent from the same landlord. It is therefore possible to expand your network and possibly start some nice cooperation. Your office unit is 24/7 accessible, so you can determine yourself at which times you want to work.

Location and accessibility

It is important to be easily accessible for guests and for your personnel. This office space has excellent accessibility, both by public transportation and by automobile. Bus 6 stops in front of the door and brings you to the Mechelen Station in 20 minutes. It goes three times an hour and the times of the bus are geared toward those of the train so the connection is optimal. Would you still prefer to come to the office by car? Then you come into Mechelen over the E19 and you can easily travel from your office to Antwerp or Brussels. You can even go shopping in the city itself at, for example, the HEMA, H&M or de Blokker. There are also multiple restaurants that would be happy to welcome you for a delicious meal.

Will you be renting office space on Generaal de Wittelaan soon?

Are you searching for a new office on Generaal de Wittelaan in Mechelen? Then you are at the right address here! Schedule a free tour and come quickly to take a look. The landlord would like to meet you and will have the coffee ready. If you need more information, prent call our real estate consultants.

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This is currently available at Generaal de Wittelaan 11a in Mechelen Noord

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