Mechelen Noord, Generaal de Wittelaan 17

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Rent office space on the Generaal de Wittelaan (North)

These office premises on Generaal de Wittelaan in Mechelen still have a number of office spaces for rent. The landlord of these offices is the owner of all the buildings on this campus. Of course this opens doors for partnerships with other tenants. Aside from office space, there is room for laboratories and storage.


Renting office space at this location is possible in various sizes. There are offices for rent starting at 129 m2 and at a price of € 1,021.25 per month. Or would you rather rent an office unit of 1,080 m2 that is possible for a price of € 8,550 per month. The stated prices are basic prices; prent call us for the current prices and availability. We would like to help you further in your search for a new office.

Stimulating grow, flexibility and 24/7 accessibility

These office space on Generaal de Wittelaan in Mechelen offer many possibilities. Your company can start small and grow within the facilities of the landlord. In consultation much is possible. As entrepreneur, flexibility benefits you. This is why it is possible to rent at these locations under flexible terms and there is always room to move for you. Is that not wonderful to look forward to? To create yet another bit of flexibility, you will receive 24/7 access to your new office to make sure that you can draw the maximum benefit from it.

Location and accessibility

In Mechelen, aside from working you can also relax well. Going shopping is, for example, an excellent way of spending your free time, and you can just walk in at a Rituals, Zara or at a G-Star Raw store. You can get delicious ice cream at Moochie Frozen Yoghurt and in the evening you can get a delicious bite to eat at Il Cardinale. With public transportation you travel within 20 minutes from the station to the office by taking bus 6. This connection is also tuned to the departure times of the trains to make sure that the connections are as good as possible. Do you rather travel with personal transportation? Then just park the car at the office building and drive using the E19 easily through all of Belgium. Brussels and Antwerp are easily reached from your work location.

Will you be renting office space on Generaal de Wittelaan soon?

Do you want to rent office space on Generaal de Wittelaan in Mechelen? In that case schedule a free tour or contact us. We would love to provide you with other correct information. We will speak with you soon!

Rent office space in Mechelen, Generaal de Wittelaan Generaal de Wittelaan 17 Mechelen Noord Toplocation!

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