Building types

If you are about to rent office space then it is important to know which environment suits you best. Would you like to rent between similar companies or would you rather rent office space in a veritable melting pot of entrepreneurs? Do not hesitate to ask yourself the question: "Which type of building suits my company best and where do I want to rent an office?". For example, you can rent in a multi-company building, a business centre or in an office concept where you actually end up in a spread bed. They all have advantages and disadvantages, differences and certainly also similarities. Therefore, prepare well for your choice and win information that helps you to make the right choice.

Renting office space cannot be compared to buying a roll of peppermint at a gas station. It is important that you rent in the right location and that you have a nice office with the facilities that you need for business operations. After all, you want to focus on your core business and don't want to lose valuable time on administrative side issues. In short, you want flexibility and where possible you want to be taken care of.

Multi-tenant building

A multi-tenant building is a place where various companies rent in one building. These companies are often not selected by the landlord on a branch and it is, therefore, possible that competitors rent under the same roof as you. It is, however, it can be a great advantage if there is a company settled in the building and you can mean do something for each other businesswise. Maybe this can result in a collaboration. A multi-tenant building has the advantage that the lease term is more favourable than in a private building or if you rent a large area. It is already possible in some cases to conclude a contract of half a year and in most cases from 1 year.

Business centre

Does an office room in a business centre fit better with your company? If you're looking for more luxury, this place is a better choice. There are a number of maintenance tasks taken care of for you by the staff who are employed by the landlord or owner. In this way, incoming telephone calls can be forwarded to the right person and you do not have to remove your mail from the mailbox yourself.

In a business centre you rent (next to an office and office rooms) (flex) workplaces. In this case, you are not bound to rent a large space. You often use the same services but have a desk in an open space where several entrepreneurs work side by side. If you rent office space in a business centre, these are actually always fully furnished, one of the big differences compared to a multi-company building. You often have to set up your office there yourself. So you do not have to worry about the office equipment.

Office concept

An office concept is an inspiring environment to establish your business. If you want to rent a workplace or office here, you often enjoy even more benefits than with the other building types that were discussed above. It may be that an office concept is located in a multi-company building because the owner of the concept hires a large area here. The interior is often stylish, such as an industrial office or a Scandinavian office interior design. There is also a social heart where entrepreneurs come together for lunch, a drink or just for a chat after the weekend. There are often several small meeting rooms available and you can reserve these if you want to use them.

Have you already made your choice?

Do you know what building type you are going to rent office space? If you need more information about the possibilities to read the informative articles from the knowledge base of SKEPP or contact our real estate consultants through +31 85 888 2339 or send an e-mail to We are happy to help you and together we will find the office that suits you.

Building types

Business center

A business center is a more luxurious version of a multi-tenant building. It has a large package of services for its tenants. You rent a completely furnished office. Meeting rooms are available and a receptionist is always present.

Building types

Multi-tenant building

A multi-tenant building is an (office) building where more companies are located. Mostly the companies who are renting an office are a mix of start-ups and medium-sized companies.

Building types

Office concepts

An office concept is a part of an office building where the user experience and the ease of use are the most important things for the tenant. It is a luxurious version of a multi-tenant building with a close community.