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Apeldoorn, Het Rietveld 55A

7321CT Apeldoorn

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Office space for rent at Het Rietveld (Apeldoorn Oost)

At Het Rietveld in Apeldoorn lies the opportunity to rent a flexible working space, office rooms or a customized office space. The office building is built in 2002 and has a modern and representative look. The business center lies at a favorable location in Apeldoorn, it is well reachable and the center of Apeldoorn is close by. The office building contains modern and perfectly equipped rooms. Different kinds of tenants do already rent at this location, for example different ICT-companies, law firms, company doctors and bailiffs.


A working space is rentable starting from €129,- per month. Interested in a secluded office room? Those are rentable from €467,- per month. The office spaces vary from 10 m2 until 30 m2. The prices above are based on the amount of persons. The office spaces will be furnished in a way so you can start instantly, and do not have to bother about moving desks.

Full-service office rooms with a manned reception desk

In the office building is free WiFi accessible. There are a couple of meeting rooms, which are rentable per hour or per daypart. All the offices contain air conditioning, so your working space will be as comfortable as possible, in the summer and in the winter. The cleaning of the shared spaces and your office is included in the price, so there will be no unexpected costs. There is a manned reception, where phone services and post services are available.

Location and reachability

This office building located at Het Rietveld in Apeldoorn is reachable by a short walk from the train station Apeldoorn Osseveld. Next to that, the driveway to the A50 is just a couple of minutes away. The office building has a large parking lot where tenants and visitors can park their car for free. So for visitors, there is no difference in reachability.

Will you soon be renting an office space at Het Rietveld?

Would you like to rent an office room at Het Rietveld in Apeldoorn? Feel free to come by! You can easily plan a tour via our website. This is totally free and with no obligation.

Office space for rent at Het Rietveld Het Rietveld 55A Apeldoorn Toplocation!

4 reviews Het Rietveld

Het pand heeft zowel aan de buitenkant als van binnen een hele verzorgde uitstraling.

Ook fijn dat er altijd een serviceteam voor je klaarstaat, zo sta je er nooit alleen voor :)

Goede voorzieningen in dit kantoorpand in Apeldoorn.

Een snelwerkende internetverbinding en fijne vergaderfaciliteiten.

Leuke kleinschalige receptie waar ze goede ondersteuning bieden en over het algemeen ook zeer prettige kantoorruimtes.

Voor ons een prima kantoorpand waar veel mogelijk is

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