Office styles

There are several different office styles and that can make it difficult to pick one. Which one suits your company best? That is the most important question you should ask yourself. Take into account that you make the right impression and carry out your corporate identity in the right way.

The looks of your office are becoming even more important every day. It displays who you are as a company and it is the best opportunity to attract talent. Who would not want to work in a cool office space that fits the organisation like a glove? It is not just the office interior design that is important, but also the style that the office space carries out. Will you go for an industrial office space, a canal building, a monument or even a modern office building? You do not have to make this decision by yourself. We would love to help you for free and without any obligations!

Industrial office space

An industrial office interior design might be something you have heard of, but an office space itself might have an industrial look as well. You can think of aspects such as a poured concrete floor, visible pipes and tubes hanging from the ceiling and robust overhead doors. An industrial basis is easily combined with all sorts of office interior designs. A mix of modern and industrial is something that might fit your company well. You might even go the extra mile and mix it up with a Scandinavian interior design.

When you are picking an industrial office space, make sure you ask the landlord about removing the ceiling. This makes the tubing and piping visible and gives the office space this distinctive look. The possibilities are endless, get inspired and check if this office style suits you.

Canal buildings and monuments

The word already explains itself: a canal building is always positioned alongside a canal. Like it is the case in Amsterdam most of the time. Most of these buildings are old but very well taken care off. This makes it a great option to rent office space in. Most canal buildings are labelled monuments, but not all monuments are canal buildings. You can find plenty throughout the country you are looking to find office space in. These buildings have their own unique style. Curious about the canal buildings and monuments we have to offer? We listed some just for you!

Modern-corporate office buildings

A lot of companies choose the modern-corporate office style. These offices have a corporate look and are suitable for companies in different work fields all over the world. When you choose to rent office space in a modern corporate office building, you can take your company to the next level. Renting an office space or office room in a building with this style sends a message. That is important because office buildings are starting to becoming the business card for your company.  

The offer in modern-corporate office buildings is large. The Zuidas area in Amsterdam is perhaps the best example of a location that offers these buildings in abundance. What is going to be your new work spot? We will give you examples of typical modern and corporate surroundings on different locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, France and Spain. One of these locations might potentially be the place where you will rent your next office space!

Pick your office style!

Making the right choice regarding this matter is very important for your company. Because, as mentioned earlier, this sends a message. Which office style suits you best? If all is right, you can answer that question after reading these articles. Are you still uncertain about some aspects and do you need extra information? Our real estate agents are ready for you and your questions. They will provide you with much-needed advice based on your wishes and needs. You can give us a call at +31 85 888 2339 or send us an e-mail at Together we will find the perfect office space with the right style for your company.