Rental information

You are looking for an office space, office room or (flexible) workspace. Maybe you even know which office type and office style suit you best. It i’s just that renting an office brings more than just making those two choices. There is a possibility that you have questions about the price or contract. Every office building determines its own prices. You should always read the necessary information before you jump into the rental process for an office space or a workspace.

It is a good idea to gain information about the search for an office space. Knowing what an all-in rental price is, information about rental prices per m2 per year and what is meant with service costs is basic knowledge when it comes to renting office space. We will also share information with you about contracts en rental terms. Those things are important matters as well. You are not alone during your search, we are ready to help you at any time.

All-in rental price

Who doesn’t want a price free from any additional costs such as electricity and water, reception services, furniture and cleaning services? This is called an all-in price. Office concepts work with these prices. When you decide to rent an office unit in a comparable building, we strongly advise you to check what is included in the price. You have to do this to prevent unwanted surprises and also make sure that things are not included double. Some landlords even include parking, use of the meeting rooms and the lunch in their prices!

Rental price per m2 per year

The rental price for customised office space is often communicated as a price per m2 per year. This is also referred to as basic rent and the service costs per m2 per year still have to be added. Prices in The Netherlands are commonly around €€100 and €€300 per month. This price will be determined over the net floor surface. What do they determine as net floor surface? Just call us and we will make sure you have the correct information.

Service costs

When you made sure that the price you pay consists of the rental price and the additional service costs, you have the right price. This is if you didn’t go for an all-in price, this price has no service costs. Make sure you ask us for more information about the service costs. We’ would love to help you!

Rental contract & terms

We firmly believe that the ideal rental term for office space is 1 year. You could also go for a shorter period of rent, but that usually means higher monthly costs. Renting for a longer period of time, however, leads to less flexibility. How do you determine the ideal term for your rental contract? Contract and rental terms are closely connected. We can answer any question you have regarding this matter. What is the ideal duration for your contract? When do you pick a contract with flexible terms? How do you terminate a contract and what are the terms for termination for your office space? Get your answers by asking us right away.

Start the search for your dream office space right now!

We gave you as much information as possible about office spaces, office rooms and workspaces in previous articles. It can, however, be the case3 that you have questions for us or you want advice from our real estate agents. You can always call us at +31 85 888 2339 or send an e-mail to We would love to help you during your search for an office space!

Rental information

Service costs

The service costs of office space for rent most often consist of the costs for gas/water/electricity, internet, reception services, and municipal taxes. The service costs are usually between €30 and €50 per m2 per year.