Work forms

Are you, as an independent entrepreneur, looking for a place to work outside or do you prefer to work from your living room? Determine which of the following work forms best suits you as an entrepreneur. There are different possibilities and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Make an informed choice and see your business grow.

Now try to imagine the following: you have started your own business and you would like to know in which environment you can work best. Then you have the choice to work from home or to find a place in an office building where you can get started. But what is the wisest thing to do now? Do you want to pay rent? Am I able to concentrate well on my work at home? Do I get the office interior design that suits me outside of my office space? We help you make this choice. Maybe you want to combine the different work forms with each other because you can use the variation well!


Working in an environment that you share with other entrepreneurs with the same mindset. In this way, you reinforce each other and together you form a community and share knowledge with each other. Working in a coworking space is a good alternative if you do not like the loneliness of working from home. Coworking, therefore, leads to better results and motivation than working from home by yourself. For a coworking space, it is best to look for an office experience concept with such a community, but also business centers generally offer the possibility of coworking.

Flex work

When you need flexibility in the environment and working hours, flex work is a form to look at. If you rent a workplace, you often have multiple entrepreneurs in a coworking space and this can help you to easily expand your network. Renting a workplace is especially attractive for companies that are not yet ready to rent a larger space. So if you do not want to rent office space or office space yet, flex-working may be something for you. You might find more interesting information in the next blog: "Working within your own flex community".

Working from home

It sounds ideal, getting up in the morning and then not having to drive to work. Just start with a cup of coffee and a wholemeal cracker for breakfast and start your laptop. You are your own boss and you don’t have to ask for permission if you want to lie in your bed for an hour longer. There are, however, some disadvantages to working in your own home. For example, there are people who have poor discipline if they have the freedom to work from home. Are you the person who cannot resist the temptation to do private business during working hours? Then working from home is not the most suitable option for you. As an entrepreneur, you want to grow and therefore an office in a multi-company building or business center can offer a solution.

Which work form suits you?

Do you have a better idea of which work form you can best choose? Are you still trying to work from home or do you boost your business by joining the community in a coworking space? Anyway, we are happy to help you make the right choice. Call us now, it is entirely free of charge and without any obligations. Contact our real estate consultants using this phone number: +31 85 888 2339 or send an email to

Working methods

Flexible working

Flexible working refers to the idea of working flexible working hours within a flexible working environment. It, therefore, resembles the New Way of Working (NWoW). People who participate in flex work often rent a flex desk or workplace.