Office room

An office room is a private enclosed space and better known as an office unit. Office rooms are for rent from 6 square meters up to 100 square meters. Office rooms are usually offered for rent furnished.

An office room is a closed room, better known as an office unit. You can rent office rooms from 6 m2 up to 100 m2. Most of the time office rooms are offered furnished.

Is an office room perfect for you? It is, if you like your own closed workspace or a quiet workplace. You can find your office room at SKEPP! Based on your wishes, our real estate consultants will look for the most suitable options for you. Receive multiple proposals with clear renting prices. Choose your new office room yourself!

What is an office room?

An office room is a private closed office space, often it is called an office unit. When you hear office room or office unit, it means the same. Office rooms are for rent in multiple sizes. Often you rent a office room from 6 m2 up to 100 m2. The most of the office rooms are offered furnished in a business center. In multi-tenant buildings, it is more usual to supply your own furniture.

Is a office room suitable for my company?

Do you choose an office room or rather a customized (large) office space? An office room offers more privacy than a flexible workplace and it fits more than one person. There are office rooms you rent for one person, but there are also office rooms for 10-15 persons. Do you have confidential meetings, want privacy, a space to have meetings, a quiet work environment or just more identity for your company? Than an office room / office unit is very suitable for you!

How big should my office room be?

How to determine the size of your office room? The chart below will help you. Of course you can deviate from it, but in this chart you see the common meters summed up:

Number of m2 V.S. number of persons

1 pers.

8 – 10 m2

2 pers.

12-15 m2

3 pers.

15 -20 m2

4 pers.

20 m2

5 pers.

25 m2

6 pers.

30 m2

8 pers.

50 m2

10 pers.

80-100 m2

15 pers.

100- 150 m2

Does an office room suite your company? Contact us free of any obligations!

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