Flexible working

Flexible working refers to the idea of working flexible working hours within a flexible working environment. It, therefore, resembles the New Way of Working (NWoW). People who participate in flex work often rent a flex desk or workplace.

Both flexible working and the New Way of Working can be grouped under the header 'flexible working'. However, there is a small difference between flexible working and the New Way of Working: flexible working is almost always done from a flexible working environment and with flexible working hours. Read on to find out more about flexible working and find out why it is not the same as the New Way of Working. 

The difference between flexible working and the New Way of Working

As mentioned before, flexible working is very similar to the New Way of Working. Time, place, and working environment play a crucial role in both flexible working and the New Way of Working. However, there is one main difference. The New Way of Working mostly focuses on working from home, whereas flexible work is most often performed from a coworking area or another type of flexible working environment within a business center.

Kantoor flexwerken

When is flexible working suitable?

Flexible working is particularly suitable for small(er) companies. If your company is not yet ready to take the step of renting an entire office room, renting a flexible workspace may be the ideal solution. You will rent a flexible workspace in a shared working environment, which is often referred to as a coworking space.

The biggest advantage of such a flexible workplace? You can get into contact with other entrepreneurs very easily, and use your workplace to your advantage to make new network connections. The office building creates a collaborative and productive environment for all its tenants. View all flexible work options on our website.

Get advice on flexible working!

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