Service costs

The service costs of office space for rent most often consist of the costs for gas/water/electricity, internet, reception services, and municipal taxes. The service costs are usually between €30 and €50 per m2 per year.

In the article 'Rental price per m2 per year', you can read that your monthly costs as a tenant consist of the actual rent and the additional service costs. But what exactly are these service costs? And how high will your service costs actually be? Maybe you are asking yourself whether it is mandatory to pay these service fees? The answers to these and many other questions can be found on this page. Have you still not been able to find the answer you were looking for? Then feel free to contact one of the real estate consultants at SKEPP, completely free of charge and without any obligations!

What are the service costs of office space?
The service costs for office space are additional costs that the tenant pays to the landlord. Service costs are often related to supplies and services, such as costs for gas/water/electricity, waste levies, and reception services. In contrast to the service costs you pay when renting a living space, there are no rules regarding the service costs that come with renting office space.

However, the dutch ROZ lease agreements do have general provisions about service costs, which can be found in Articles 18.1 to 18.11. The amount of service costs you will have to pay often depends on what the landlord includes in these service costs. In general, the service costs of office space are between €30 and €50 per m2 per year.

Tip: Do you have no independent measurement equipment? It may be wise to have it installed in order to keep track of your utility expenses yourself.

Why do you pay service costs for office space?

Every tenant pays service costs. These service costs are charged, among other things, for gas/water/electricity, waste levies, and reception services. The service costs are often charged on top of your monthly rent, but they can also be included in the form of an all-in monthly rental price. Your lease contract states the height of your advance payment for the (predetermined) service costs to your landlord. Every year, you will receive an itemized service charge statement from your landlord, after which a settlement will be made according to the advance payments. This may either mean that you will get some of the advance payments back, or that you have to pay extra.

Tip: It is best to reach an agreement about the payment of the monthly advances before signing your lease contract. For example, you could agree that the annual service charge may not deviate by more than 10%.

More information about service costs?

Do you still have questions regarding service costs? Simply contact one of the certified real estate consultants at SKEPP. They will answer all of your questions about service costs, completely free of charge and without any obligations to you. You can reach us by telephone at +31 85 888 2339 or by sending an e-mail to

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